Shipping Policy

All of our packages are shipped from Satisfy Desires warehouses which are located in the USA, and are 100% discrete. We do NOT dropship any of our products, we are focused on quality control, and fast & discrete shipping. There is  no brand, no invoice, no pictures or anything on the box itself. We also keep the payment description on your debit card/credit card processor to also be discreet (bank statements will not include anything referencing a sex toy or transaction from a sex toy brand). The return name on the package will also be discrete. We are committed to providing full anonymity and privacy with any order with us! For any order from us, you can expect most US orders to take between 1-3 business days (not including sundays) after being processed. 

You will always receive a tracking number with your order once it is processed.

If it has been more than 2 weeks with no order having shown up. Message us at and we will have a look and message you back as soon as possible to make things right.

We appreciate your patience and hope you will enjoy your new and improved sex life!